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Minute Of Meeting on 27th July 2006

Idaman Sutera Residents Association Meeting
Minutes 27th July 2006

Strata Title (ST)
Medan Idaman promised to resolve the ST in 9 months time effective from the last meeting.

Sinking Fund (SF)
Trustee fund. Not allowable to use for normal maintenance expense.
Medan Idaman (MI) Management accused YBR (Consultant) had wrongly advised them on the misuse of SF and require Committee to prove to them how the SF is misused.
Action Plan: The Committee would like to gather the strength of all residents to address the issues. Inviting YB Yau Tiong Lok to meet PTPK, PTG, DBKL, YBR to organize a dialogue session.
YBR is resigning as Property Management Company effective 31st August 2006.
YB Yau has promised to contribute 3 notice boards.
Proof of misuse of SF- Treatment of sewage pipe, replacement of swimming pool & garden bulbs, Charging exorbitant price.

Motorcycle Parking
Committee suggested to MI to relocate the guard house to the edge of entrance gate (for better control). Pave the walking space to convert to parking bay.

Car park
Committee has suggested to MI to open the unsold car park for rental. Rental for the car park is not finalized. Approximately RM 50 to RM 60. And requested MI to contribute 30% to 40% of the fund collected to the Management Account.

Security Guard
Old security guards are to be replaced on 28th August 2006. Five quotations are with the MI. To be finalized next month.

Miscellaneous Matter
Residents are using the apartment unit as a warehouse. Spotted cases are foreigners (suspected Chinese) using the apartment unit to store clothing materials.
-Garden lights are reconnected by our Residents (Mr. Wong) and temporarily functional.

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