Sunday, April 13, 2008

Committee Meting

Dear YB WEE,

We are the temporary elected Pro-Temp committee, Foong Choong Ching and Lim Ang Choon, coincidentally are the present Registered Residents Association Of Idaman Sutera.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank your good self to spare your precious time to attend on the 6th April 2008. Thanks to your intervention, the proceeding of the said first Residents’ Meeting was postponed to such time to be determined by the Pro-Temp. We are grateful for what you have done for us. We OPPOSED the said meeting on the following grounds.

1) The Developer has already pre-selected candidates that are in favour of the Developer’s interest.
Proof: They have called upon selectively few residents to attend a meeting prior to the 6th April 2008’s meeting, which was held on 30th March 2008, no general posted on the notice board, it was only invited through telephones.
2) The meeting was not serving its’ purpose because it was hastily arranged or conducted.
Proof: The nomination process was not proper, as the house owners do not know each other well
3) We are fully aware and appreciate the good effort of developer by stationing so many security personnel to such extent that the residents are puzzled of their intention, we feel intimidated and threatened.
Proof: For a long time, we have not seen OUR SECURITY GUARDS carrying batons. And most of these NEW security guards are brought in from outside. They are treating the Residents like TERRORIST.
4) There is a registered Residents Association, under ROS in Idaman Sutera, which had conducted monthly meetings with Residents and Developers on Maintenance and Upkeeping of The Building, but the Developer had regarded this RA as illegitimate organization. The Committee has stopped being active due to a lawsuit being served to our President by one of resident.

Before the Joint Management Committee is established, it is mandatory for the Residents to have access to the Developer Full Detail Account, which is supposedly to be transparent. WE are insisting on this account because the Strata Title Act, is in favour of the Developer.
Proof: JMC may sue or be sued in its name.

We sincerely hope that you would be able to attend the Residents and Parcel Owners Meeting to advise and provide guidance to resolve the Residents doubts and queries.

Lim Ang Choon -ProTemp Committee,
Foong Choong Ching -ProTemp Committee
Riati Mohd Y. Lela
Cheah Chin Ngian
Tan Kok Ann
Finno Kaur
Wong Yow Hock -

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