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Minute of Meeting on 20th November 2007

Minute Of Meeting 20th November 2007, 9.30p.m.
Venue: Meeting Room, Block B.
Idaman Sutera Owners’ And Residents’ Association

1) Revive Inactivity of the Association

Foong Chong Ching B-3-7
Lim Ang Choon A-3-7
Pua Yang Kwee A-2-6
Riati M.Y Lela A-0-7
Cheah Chin Ngian C-17-8
Tan Kok Ann C-19-9
Finno Kaur A-4-12

Matters Discussed:
1) The Chairman mentioned that The Association has been dormant/in-active for one year. He proposed to cross check with Registrar Of Society (ROS) to verify the legal status of the Association, in order to comply to the rules, bylaws of Akta Pertubuhan 1966.
2) The next subsequent steps is compile all the outstanding reports and minutes from the Then Secretary, Norhaslinda. Mr. Cheah Chin Ngian has been requested to become the Acting Secretary until next AGM.
3) The COMMITTEE suggests to meet up with the Residents prior to the AGM, to explain and brief the Community of what happened to the Association inactivity. Soon after that, The Committee will determine an appropriate time to hold AGM. Expected to hold AGM in February 2008.
4) The Newly appointed Committee will continue with the Association onjective with the Management on the issues faced by Community.

Any other business.
No other issues was discussed.

Meeting was adjourned at 10.48p.m. with a word of thanks from Chairman.

Minutes was proposed and confirmed by Riati and it was seconded by Lim, it was unanimously approved by the Committee

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