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Minute Of Meeting on 05th December 2007

Minute Of Meeting 05th December 2007, 9.30p.m.
Venue: Meeting Room, Block B.
Idaman Sutera Owners’ And Residents’ Association

1) Confirmation of last Minutes dated 20.11.2007.
2) Updates of ROS Matters pertaining to the status of Association
3) Renewal of Membership
4) Change of Rules Of Association

Foong Chong Ching B-3-7
Lim Ang Choon A-3-7
Pua Yang Kwee A-2-6
Riati M.Y Lela A-0-7
Cheah Chin Ngian C-17-8
Finno Kaur A-4-12

Matters Discussed:

Minutes Of 20.11.07 was proposed and confirmed by Riati and it was seconded by Lim, it was unanimously approved by the Committee

Updates of ROS matters- Mr. Chairman has highlighted that the present Committee is still holding valid office, except for those Committee Members who has left the Idaman Sutera.

The Chairman has found that the present Membership Application Forms was too simple and it carries little information on the Residents.
Mr. Lim (The Treasurer) has raised doubt on the status of “Pemilik’ and “Penduduk”. Vice Chairman clarifies that the distinction of the rights of Owners and Tenant is that only Owners are eligible to stand for election to become Committee.

The Chairman quoted and explained on the flaws and weaknesses in the Rules
“ Members who fails to pay up the Fee are to be served with Reminder Letters and if the Fee is not paid within two (2) months (after February) from the said reminder, the Membership will be discontinued in due Bad Debts.”
The Chairman mentioned that The Committee will hold the discussion with the Members, and the new Members will be briefed on the Amendments of Association.
The Secretary raised up a question on those inactive Committee, The present Committee said those Absent Committee will be automatically ask to leave the Committee if they are found absent from office 3 times consecutively without tendering valid reasons.

Meeting was adjourned at 10.41p.m. with a word of thanks from Chairman.

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